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We have the best auto insurance offers on the market 🤩

Auto Insurance | Inbounds | Insured Only | 120 seconds | Pre-Approval | US

Auto Insurance | Inbounds | 120 seconds | US

Auto Insurance | Inbounds | 120 seconds | US

Auto insurance | Inbounds | Bundle | 125 sec after IVR

Start working with them now🙌

Come meet us at AWC Dubai ❤️

This year we will be attending top affiliate conference in Dubai and we are expecting amazing 2 days full of networking and knowledge sharing.

Have a nice chat with us at booth #A37

Contact us for more information:

See you soon!

5 million calls in Marketcall 😱

February 14th has become an important day for us - on this day we reached our 5 millionth call and can't be more happy about the new record-breaking number 💪 The fact that it happened on Valentine's Day makes us more thrilled and excited ❤️ The call was made on the flight booking offer, on 2022-02-14 at 14:24:03 EST.

We thank all our affiliates and advertisers and hope will reach the 8-digit figure soon!

Dear affiliates,

Due to the Presidents' day some of the offers will be paused. Here you can check the full list of the offers and their working time.

Our managers will also not be working on February 21st.

Have a nice holiday!

One more achievement - Marketcall is rated TOP-2 Pay Per Call network by mThink!

The recent mThink Blue Book ranking showed that Marketcall kept its second place among top 20 best Pay Per Call networks in the world. We are happy to get a true recognition of what we really represent and are extremely proud to be the leaders in the industry. This year is especially remarkable for us as we took the 1st place in the Offervault's ranking

We hope that working with us is a great pleasure for you!

We just came back from Affiliate World Global in Dubai

It was 2 days full of networking and amazing meetings! We’re planning to keep in touch with everyone who we met at the conference🤝

Did you know that at Marketcall affiliates can upgrade their account levels? 😍

Upon registration, you automatically get a Novice level. After your first withdrawal, you get Level 1 that allows you to view Offer limits.
After your second, third, etc, withdrawal, you get Level 2, Level 3, etc. If you’re making frequent withdrawals, you can get Pro1 and Pro 2 levels that allow you to access private Offers and view phone numbers of cancelled calls. Some Offers are only available to Affiliates of certain account levels✌🏻

We just came back from Leadscon in Las Vegas!

Everyone who attended the conference discovered new business opportunities and connections with the performance marketing community! We were very happy to meet each one of you! See you at the next conference.
Marketcall needs your help❤️❤️❤️

OfferVault started a new survey in order to determine which Pay Per Call Networks on OfferVault are the best by participating in this brief survey. This should only take you a few minutes and will really help us in terms of picking our to show CPA-industry that we are the best of the best🤝

Marketcall needs your help one more time⚡️🙏

New Blue Book Spring Survey is designed to provide users with broader and more relevant rankings. We are taking part in it because we know that we deserve to win!

Blue Book has designed the survey to be quick and easy to complete, less than two minutes for out people. Thank you in advance for your input and vote for Marketcall!



We are happy to announce that we arrived at Affiliate Summit East!

We will be happy to see you at our table number 2205! Looking forward to meeting you!
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Google has released a Search Ads Automation Guide that shares some best practices on how to use automation to reach customers👍

👍 Best practice 1: use a broad match keyword strategy. Historically advertisers that used broad match keywords found wasted ad spend and irrelevant clicks. But Google states “Broad match keywords work best with Smart Bidding because it ensures you only bid on searches that are expected to perform for you.”

👍 Best practice 2: using smart bidding strategies. Google says that evolutions in automation and machine learning will allow us to simplify how we setup and manage campaigns.

👍Best practice 3: use responsive search ads. Google advises to “use multiple headlines and descriptions to automatically build and serve relevant ads for every query based on auction-time signals.” You maintain control of your ads by creating multiple headlines and descriptions, and allowing Google to show the most relevant combination to your audience.
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What verticals does Marketcall generate calls and data leads for?😃 We specialize in generating calls and data leads for the following verticals!

- Health Insurance
- Auto Insurance
- Life Insurance
- Final Expense

- Credit Repair
- Debt Settlement
- Mortgage

✌🏻Home Services:
- Home Improvement
- Solar
- TV & Internet
- Home security
- Moving

- Flight Booking
- Hotel Booking

and many others! You can contact us at (323) 410-1052 or via email at and our specialists will consult you on opportunities for your business to work with our platform❤️ photo_2022-07-07 14.36.53.jpeg
Did you know that running ads on TikTok can now optimize their campaigns with flexible attribution windows ranging from one day to 28 days? An ‘attribution window’ refers to the time it takes for a customer to take action after an ad is clicked or viewed!

Some conversions happen immediately, while others require multiple touch points before a customer is convinced to make a purchase.A customizable attribution window allows marketers to optimize campaigns for their individual goals.

One business may only want to measure clicks that lead directly to sales, in which case a one-day attribution window is most appropriate. Another business may expect their customers to think about the purchase for several days before converting, in which case a seven-day attribution window is more suitable.

With TikTok Attribution Manager, you can select a specific time period to measure success for both click-through attribution (CTA) and view-through attribution (VTA)! Start working on TikTok ads with Marketcall!
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