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We just came back from Affiliate Summit East 2021 in New York, what a conference it was :cool:

This year a speaker lineup showcased how amazing and diverse affiliate industry really is. We were happy to see our old friends and make new connections! See you at the next conference ;)
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Expanded Access to AR Try-On Feature from Facebook :love:

Augmented Reality (AR) brings the “magic” of the in-store shopping experience to mobile, Facebook says, and more brands can now let customers try on products virtually. Facebook is developing new APIs that will make it easier, faster and more cost-effective for brands and advertisers to bring AR into their catalogs.

This is rolling out first to brands in the beauty category, with support coming to other verticals in the near future. Lastly, Facebook is bringing AR to a new ad unit that will automatically show relevant products to people based on their interests, encouraging them to “try it on.”

Testing of AR-based ads is underway and will be available to more brands by the end of the year (y)

We get asked frequently how to withdraw earnings from Marketcall. :unsure:

To withdraw your earnings, firstly, you have to add your payment method .
Please go to My account - Payment Settings. Press button "Add Payout" and then choose "Tipalti". (For Wire, ACH, Paypal or e-Check).
Fill the Tipalti form. How to do it read the next question "Filling Up Your Tipalti Form". After that press "Withdraw" button on your dashboard. Put the sum you want to withdraw and press withdraw.
Your request is done. You will get confirmation email once your payment is sent (y)
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Did you know that at Marketcall you can get 200 landing pages templates for all verticals? :eek:

Apart from that, you can find examples of landing pages that we found in the organic and paid search :love:
Ask your personal manager and he will share them with you ;)
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Google begins rolling out the “link spam update,” which makes its algorithms more effective at identifying and nullifying link spam

The update begins rolling out today and will take at least two weeks to roll out broadly to search results in multiple languages. Information strewn throughout Google’s announcement suggests a particular emphasis on targeting links from sponsored, guest, and affiliate content.
In fact, the announcement begins as a casual reminder to mark up affiliate content with the appropriate rel values. Google buries the lead, as the news about this algorithm update isn’t mentioned until the end of the blog post.

This is an indication that Google wants site owners to pay attention to its advice on how to handle links within content where there’s an exchange of value involved
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Can't hold back our joy! Yesterday on July 28th at 6:49 EST the 3 millionth call was made in the Marketcall system

The call was for the Auto Insurance USA offer!

We are reminding you that the 2 millionth call was registered in Marketcall on December 11th 2020. That is, for another million calls, it took us only 7 months 18 days 20 hours and 10 minutes

We are not going to stop and waiting for another record
Are you running Flight Booking offers?

We have exciting news for you! Advertisers plan to add more agents and go 24/7 from 9th August. Make sure you have calls ready when the time has come.

Special terms for top affiliates. Talk to your personal manager to see if you qualify
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Did you know that we at Marketcall use voice recognition technology?

Voice transcription is a very convenient tool for analyzing calls. With this functionality, you can track calls by keywords that occur in a conversation and filter the quality of incoming traffic. It is available for all our affiliates
New video from Affiliate Summit East which took place in New York in 2021. More than 2000 attendees have shown up :love:

Alexander, the head of the affiliate department was a representative of Maketcall there. In this video, you can find new trends in affiliate marketing and interviews with the participants :cool:

Watch Now ;)

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We've been asked how long does it take to review appealed tickets?

You can create appeal for the calls not more than 3 days old. Once the appeal is created the ticket will be answered within 3 working days. And within the next 7 working days the appeal will be either approved or refused based on the advertiser's review
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Google announced that the URL to Google’s structured data tool now redirects to a landing page. The landing page encourages users to try Google’s Rich Results page, while using a near invisible button to link to the new Structured Data Validator

While the fact that the announcement of the redirect is hidden at the bottom of the page of a December 2020 blog post is odd, what’s really curious is the way Google characterizes the structured data validator in words that imply it’s not ready in a statement saying that it is ready.

Specifically, the announcement doesn’t say that the competing structured data validator is out of beta (which would be normal). The announcement by Google says that the structured data validator has stabilized

Instagram explains how it ranks the content people see when browsing through Reels. This insight may help you with creating more successful clip

How Instagram Recommends Reels to Users
The goal of Instagram’s Reels algorithm is to surface content users will not only enjoy watching, they’ll likely engage with it as well.
In order to determine which Reels to show users, Instagram’s algorithm considers how likely an individual is to:
- Watch a Reel the whole way through
- Like it
- Say it was entertaining or funny
- Go to the audio page to make their own Reel
That last point might sound confusing if you’re not familiar with either Reels or TikTok. It refers to the ability to take an audio track from someone’s video and create your own content with it.
Unless the creator has the feature disabled, each Reel has a page where viewers can grab the audio and make a new video with the same track.
Creating a Reel with a highly shareable sound clip can get you far with the recommendation algorithm — but is it more important than likes and view count?

Most Important Reels Algorithm Signals
Instagram says user activity is the most important signal when it comes to recommending Reels. The algorithm considers which Reels a user has engaged with in the past, and whether they’ve had any direct interaction with the content creator.
That means responding to comments, DMs, and tags can help get your content shown in peoples’ feeds more often. After that, Instagram looks at information about the video itself and information about the content creator.

Marketcall is 6 years old! :eek:

That is how many years ago (in 2015) our pay-per-call affiliate network was founded. During that time, more than 3,000,000 calls have been processed in our system, thousands of affiliates have been registered and created hundreds of thousands of campaigns. Now we work with more than 8 verticals in the US and are constantly growing every year, attracting more and more offers and affiliates.

We participated in dozens of conferences and met really interesting people on our way. In 2020 Offer Vault, as well as Blue Book Global from Mthink, ranked us #2 on the lists of the best Pay Per Call affiliate networks.

Many achievements are still ahead, but for now, we can proudly state that Marketcall is a time-proven affiliate network, that has earned international recognition and achieved top positions in international rankings.

We wish our colleagues and affiliates all the best and recommend everybody to sign up and start earning with us. :love:

What verticals does Marketcall generate calls and data leads for?
We specialize in generating calls and data leads for the following verticals.

- Health Insurance
- Auto Insurance
- Life Insurance
- Final Expense

- Credit Repair
- Debt Settlement
- Mortgage

Home Services:
- Home Improvement
- Solar
- TV & Internet
- Home security
- Moving

- Flight Booking
- Hotel Booking

and many others. You can contact us at (323) 410-1052 or via email at and our specialists will consult you on opportunities for your business to work with our platform

TGIF! And TG here is our best vertical of the week😍
Life Insurance | Inbounds | 90 sec | US -

😍 Payout is 28 USD for target call from 90 sec.
😍 Call hours: Mon — Fri 8 am — 9 pm
Time zone: EST
😍 Definition of a qualified call: looking for the following:
-Quotes for new customers looking for life insurance
-Callers who have more than $35k of annual income
-Individuals who are interested in obtaining a minimum of $100k of coverage

Beginning today, Google Ads will show advertisers historical data for queries that received impressions but no clicks in the search terms report for Search and Dynamic Search Ads campaigns, the company announced Thursday

Historically, the report only ever showed queries that resulted in a click. Advertisers always wanted more data.

And, on February 1, 2022, the company will remove historical query data collected before September 1, 2020 (the day before the company initially limited search terms reporting) that doesn’t meet its privacy thresholds

We just came back from CONTACT.IO conference in Denver

We were happy to talk to our affiliates, meet the best professionals and discuss new ways to grow in the pay per call industry

Did you know that at Marketcall affiliates can upgrade their account levels?

Upon registration, you automatically get a Novice level. After your first withdrawal, you get Level 1 that allows you to view Offer limits.
After your second, third, etc, withdrawal, you get Level 2, Level 3, etc. If you’re making frequent withdrawals, you can get Pro1 and Pro 2 levels that allow you to access private Offers and view phone numbers of cancelled calls. Some Offers are only available to Affiliates of certain account levels