Marketcall - Pay Per Call and LeadGen Affiliate Network

hello1.jpg is a Pay Per Call and LeadGen affiliate network built on powerful in-house tracking technology. It was founded in 2015 and works with offers from the USA and Europe. We take affiliates and publishers for calls and leads campaigns.

Our Pay Per Call verticals include: Insurance (Health, Medicare, Auto, Life, Home), Finance (Debt, Tax Debt, Credit Repair), Home Services and Home Improvement, Travel.

Our LeadGen (CPL) verticals include: Insurance (Health, Auto, Medicare), Payday, Education, Debt Settlement.

Best converting traffic sources for our offers: Paid search (Google, Bing), SEO, Social (Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat), Display, Native, Email, SMS, Call centers.

Transparent and timely payments:
  • Average hold time is 7 days
  • Receive payments via Wire transfer, Paypal, ACH, eCheck and Payoneer.
  • Top affiliates can get daily payouts.

Other benefits:
  • Fast approval
  • Unique high conversion landing pages and promo materials
  • Webinars with case studies on promoting offers
  • Free toll-free numbers
  • Dedicated personal manager

If you have any questions please write at or skype: live:.cid.9482e62be8e78223

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Auto, Finance, Home Services, Insurance, Legal, Medical, Other
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Marketcall launches Lead2call program and adds new landing pages.

Hey, affiliates!

We have special news for you regarding our top performing offer Health Insurance Bundle (Inbounds).

Firstly, we launched our brand new Lead2Call program for Health Insurance offer.
That means you can collect leads, send them to us and we will transform them to calls via sms follow up software!

And the second news is that we developed landing pages for this Health Insurance offer. They support both calls and leads.

Check full news text on this link
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Webinar "How to run Health Insurance Pay Per Call offers on Facebook ads"
Marketcall team shared the case study on running health insurance offer with facebook ads and answered participants questions.
In this webinar you will find:
  • Types of Facebook ads flow for health insurance
  • Which campaign type converts best for pay per call offer
  • How to target right audience
  • Advice on high converting creatives
  • How to set up optimization tool on facebook
  • How to convert leads to calls

Webinar "Snapchat Ads for Pay Per Call Offers"
On this webinar Marketcall team shared tips on promoting Pay Per Call offers in Snapchat Ads. You will learn:
  • What campaign type to choose
  • How to set up targeting
  • What type of creatives work better
  • Best PPC offers to run in snapchat

Hey, all! Please check our Top Pay Per Call Offers for September 2020!

1. Health Insurance:
Search traffic. Payout - $35 for target call over 90 sec.

Facebook traffic. Payout - $40 for target call over 90 sec.

Native/Display, Social Media. Payout - $35 for target call over 90 sec.

2. Flight booking. Payout - $18 for target call over 60 sec.

3. Credit Repair. Payout - $14 for target call over 60 sec.

4. Auto Insurance. Dynamic payout - $15 - $22 for target call over 125 sec.

5. Generic Internet. Payout - $7 for target call over 60 sec.


Hey affiliates!

On October, 21st Marketcall is celebrating its 5 year anniversary and has prepared 5 incredible presents for affiliates.

Present #1. Webinar on running Health Insurance offer
Present #2. Giveaway for participants of the webinar
Present #3. Special promotion of $500 bonus for November
Present #4. Pay Per Call Affiliate Guides
Present #5. Ad Creatives library access from Facebook Spy tool

Sign up for the webinar and claim your presents.

Hey all! Please check our Top PPCall and CPLead Offers for January 2021!

  1. Health Insurance PPCall $40 for target call over 90 sec.
Search traffic -
Facebook traffic

Native/Display, Social Media -

  1. Health Insurance CPLead - - $9 for approved lead.

  1. Auto Insurance PPCall - dynamic payout for target call over 120 sec.

  1. AT&T (Non-Branded TV & Internet) - $10 for target call over 100 sec.

  1. Generic Cable/Satellite TV - $10 for target call over 120 sec.

  1. Spectrum - $17 for target call over 120 sec.

  1. HughesNet Satellite Internet (Generic) - $12 for target call over 60

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Hey, everyone! has been placed by OfferVault as one of the Top 3 Pay Per Call Networks of 2020. Thanks to everyone who voted for us.

If you still don't work with us, don't hesitate to get in touch and discuss opportunities about PPcall and CPL campaigns.

Our verticals include health, auto, medicare, debt, tax debt, credit repair, pest, TV&internet, locksmith, home security, home warranty, home improvement, travel, real estate).

Top Pay Per Call Network 2nd.png

We are incredibly proud to announce that we've received the third place among the best pay per call networks in the world 😎

The BLUE BOOK rankings by Mthink are driven by input from tens of thousands of online marketing professionals, voting for networks that have a track record of leadership, experience and trust 🤝🏻

Hey all! Here is a video about Lead Generation World Conference which took place in Orlando in March 2021. Worth noting that it was the first conference since the pandemic.

The representatives of were Alexander, the head of the affiliate department and Alexey, the CEO. They talked to other participants of the conference as well as interviewed them. During short interviews the representatives talked about the latest trends and updates of the affiliate marketing.

That conference is useful for the affiliates who want to work with whitehat marketing. The next Lead Generation World Conference will take place in San Diego.

If you have any questions please write at or skype: live:.cid.9482e62be8e78223

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We have great news for you🤩 Our team is going to attend Affiliate Summit East 2021 in New York✌🏻
All of the content and networking at ASE is JAM-PACKED into just 2 days. You’ll be able to learn and network with companies that can help you fast-track your business growth, all in one place.

See you on July 19-20th near booth No. #1602 🤝🏻

If you want to meet us there email us:

Register here:
202524397_3033181037006835_6313095764247971020_n.jpg Our new vertical is here for you✊

Life insurance | Inbounds | 120 sec | 15 States -

✊ Payout is 32 USD for target call from 120 sec.
✊ Call hours: Mon- Fri 10 am - 7 pm
Time zone: EST
✊ Definition of a qualified call: Call from a person interested in term life insurance, Prospect must be actively looking for Life Insurance
✊ Allowed traffic sources: SEO, Paid Search, Native/Display, Social Media

TikTok is increasing the maximum length of videos from 60 seconds to 3 minutes🤩

All three minutes can be recorded, edited, and uploaded directly within the TikTok app. This update gives creators a canvas to work with that’s three times larger than what they had before.

It’s going to be interesting to see what creators do to hold viewers’ attention for longer than a minute. Longer TikTok videos have been in testing with a limited number of creators, so it’s possible you may have encountered one already. This feature is rolling out to all users over the coming weeks😋

Offline conversion tracking is fast becoming necessary because of recent updates. Learn how to set them up and the underlying strategy here👇🏻
🤝🏻 What Are Offline Conversions?

Offline conversions are any valuable actions that you know have been impacted by your ad investment, but can’t be tracked by traditional conversion tracking.
Actions tracked may include:
- Trial to paying customer.
- Completed enrollment.
- Funded deals.
- In-store purchases.
UTMs are the most crucial component of offline conversion tracking. They ensure leads can be traced back to ad spend (provided you’ve set up proper tracking in your CRM/shopping client).

🤝🏻 How to Set up Offline Conversions Through Existing Integrations
Offline conversions tracking has two set-up paths:
- Import from an existing source.
- Uploads from files or connections.

If you’re using a popular CRM/ESP (email service provider)/shopping platform, the easiest path will be to upload from HTTPS.
This will allow you to log into your “source of truths,” connecting them to Google Ads.

If you choose “Google Sheets,” be sure you download the right template. Whoever sets up the conversions should have minimum “Standard” level access, although “Admin” is preferred.
choose traf sourses.jpg
We've been asked a lot if advertisers can choose traffic sources for their campaign while working with Marketcall🧐

The answer is yes! During the campaign set-up process you can approve traffic sources that will be used to generate calls and data leads. They are listed in the IO and we guarantee that your requirements will be met🙏🏻
week vertical.jpg

We want to start this week with our favorite vertical🤩
Super Sweepstakes SOI | CPL | USA -

👌Payout is 3 USD For Approved Lead
👌Time zone: EST
👌Definition of a qualified lead: Lead is considered qualified when a form on the website specified in the order information section above is completed by a prospect
👌Allowed types of traffic: all except incentive and offline