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Our new offer is here

Spectrum | Inbounds | 60 sec | Pre-Approval | US -

Payout is 13 USD for target call from 60 sec.
Call hours: Mon - Fri 6 am - 4:30 pm ( 9 am - 7:30 pm EST)
Sat- Sun 6 am - 6 pm (9 am - 9 pm EST)
Time zone: PST
Definition of a qualified call: They should be looking to receive cable or internet service in a region covered by Time Warner Cable and can’t be an existing customer.
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Facebook told advertisers in a blog post Wednesday it underreported ad performance on iPhones, citing privacy changes Apple made to its iOS operating system
Facebook estimated it underreported web conversions on Apple’s iOS by about 15% in the third quarter, noting there’s a “broad range” for different advertisers

Facebook shares fell about 4% on Monday. Facebook CFO David Wehner warned of the potential effect of the iOS changes on the company’s July earnings call, saying he expected to see a greater impact from the changes in the third quarter. Apple’s update made it so that iPhone and iPad users would have to choose to opt in to being tracked when first launching an app. Specialized tracking helps Facebook and other apps deliver more personalized ads to users.

In the meantime, Facebook recommended several actions advertisers could take to better understand their ad performance. Those include waiting longer to analyze data to allow for delays and considering using additional measurement tools.

Facebook said it’s already working to improve ad performance measurement, including by accelerating investments in reporting gaps ahead of the holiday season

On October 5th and 6th we are going to attend the leading affiliate marketing show in Moscow
MAC is the biggest affiliate conference in CIS! This year it will have 3000 attendees from 50+ countries

We are one of the partners of the event and can't wait to see our affiliates there:

On October 4th-6th this week, our team will be attending ITC Vegas. All the leaders of the insurance industry will gather in Las Vegas to discuss recent insurance trends, enjoy intensive networking, and get exposed to the latest innovations. 😎

ITC Vegas is the world's largest insuretech event - offering unparalleled access to the most comprehensive and global gathering of tech entrepreneurs, investors, and insurance industry incumbents. 😊

We will be waiting for you at the booth #1139. ✌️

If you want to meet our team, please email us or contact us via Skype live:.cid.9482e62be8e78223.

See you there! 😍

Today is the last day of Insuretech Connect. We are waiting for you at booth #1139 and will be happy to discuss our insurance offers with you. ;)

We just came back from ITC Las Vegas! We were happy to connect with the best advertisers in the United States👍

InsureTech Connect - is the biggest conference which unites health insurance and medicine companies. We couldn't miss it👌

Text us if you want to read more about our American insurance offers:
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What a conference! We spent great time at MAC conference in Moscow

We were very excited to meet professionals in the affiliate industry, share experience, knowledge and have fun

Winning in high-cost verticals requires leveraging different tools and a marketing mindset. Here are the ways to get started

Have Proper Tracking in Place
It’s surprising when you work with high-cost client environments and find they still do not track phone calls generated from PPC campaigns. A feature like call tracking used to seem too complicated for local businesses. It required coding, extra subscription fees, etc. and CPCs were relatively low back in the day, so it didn’t seem worth the hassle.
These days, a simple sign up and a snippet on the website will give a bunch of insight on where those high-dollar leads are coming from. This can help concentrate budget where it’s best spent, and free up funds from flailing campaigns.

Be Careful with Keyword Matching
When it comes to the search terms and how your keywords are matched to them, look at everything. Just checking your broad or modified broad is no longer enough. If you want to force search terms to match to a specific ad group, it takes more work than ever. Google will take a lot of liberties with your matching these days, including substituting terms it thinks are equivalent to the ones you have.
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We are excited to meet you very soon at Las Vegas😱 We are going to attend LEADSCON on October 21-22!

At this conference we will have a chance to connect with fellow attendees and enjoy a one-of-a-kind opportunity to network with professionals at different levels! We hope to see you at the booth number 319🤩

If you want to meet our team, please email us or contact via Skype live:.cid.9482e62be8e78223.

See you there! 😍

Join Marketcall Affiliate team for a live webinar on Monday, Oct. 18th at 1 pm EST discussing the Medicare niche and how to maximize your conversion rate with Facebook traffic🤝

In this webinar, you will learn about the different parts of Medicare Insurance, what they mean, and how to best advertise Marketcall’s Medicare offers to the vast Facebook audience.

Join us on the link below:

On the webinar we will talk about:
- What is Medicare offer
- Ad creatives that work
- Several angles that work in Facebook ads
- Exclusive private affiliate offer in Marketcall
- Tips on increasing ROI in this niche

Free education AND a REWARD? What could be better?! Webinar attendees will receive a special bonus, so please come for a live webinar😊

These 2 days we are at LEADSCON Las Vegas, one of the top performance marketing conferences in the world 😎 We are excited to attend the event and have already met a lot of interesting people from various companies. Today is the last day, so don’t miss the chance of meeting our managers and having a nice chat with us. 😉

For more questions, please write our affiliate team:

We just came back from LEADSCON Las Vegas and were overwhelmed with the atmosphere of the event :cool:

It was nice to meet our affiliates and partners and get to know many new people in the affiliate industry. :love:
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4,000,000 calls in Marketcall! :love:

This year has been a year of round numbers, and so October 20 was one of our happiest days. In less than 3 months another million calls was made in Marketcall. This time it was the fastest million since the foundation of our affiliate network. The record call was made on 10/20/2021 at 6:02 pm EST by the affiliate running the Flight Booking offer. :cool:

We are extremely proud of our work and congratulate all our affiliates. Thank you for working with us and wish you reach 5 million soon! :D

P. S. By the way, the insurance and Medicare season in the U.S. has already started, so hurry up and register in order not to miss our top insurance offers
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This week we will be representing Marketcall at Affiliate Summit West – one of the top world affiliate conferences which takes place on November 2nd-4th :love: This year we are having a massive booth at meet market area – so it will be much easier for you to find us! ;)

Ping our affiliate managers if you want to meet them:
Watch our new video from LEADSCON 2021 :love:

Our affiliate managers Karly and Alex are going to share all the details of the top affiliate conference held in Las Vegas 🔥


Top offers | November 2021

1) Flight booking Bundle (Delta, American, United) | Inbounds | 60 sec with IVR -
Payout is 20 USD for target call from 60 sec.

2) Health Insurance Bundle | Inbounds | 90 - 120 sec -
Payout is 44 USD for target call from 90 sec.

3) Auto insurance | Inbounds | Bundle | 125 sec after IVR -
Payout is 28.56 USD for target call from 125 sec.

4) Medicare | Inbounds | 90 sec -
Payout is 35 USD for target call from 90 sec.

5) Health Insurance | Leads | US (Experience required) | Pre-approval -
Payout is 8.5 USD for approved lead