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Watch our new video from Affiliate Summit West 2021 :love:

Our affiliate managers Alex and Karly are going to share the conference insights and show the details of one of the top affiliate events in the world.


Yesterday we organized a private meet-up for our top affiliates🥳

Our head of affiliate Alex Shkarupa shared the secrets of how to successfully run Flight Booking Pay Per Call campaigns. We presented a recent case study and outlined the key steps to succeed in this niche.

Thanks for everyone who came! It was nice meeting you and see you at our next events🤝

Pay Per Call is not an easy niche, but with the right approach, it is one of the most profitable ones!

Many new affiliates do not know where to start and usually get lost in the variety of tools. Today we're going to share the combinations you can apply in Pay Per Call and show you the working approaches that generate good profits at high volumes.

Read our guide "Pay Per Call offers and traffic sources combination" now:

Dear affiliates,

Join Marketcall team on December 7th at 12pm EST for our special end-of-year Holiday Happy Hour!

In the live webinar, we will be discussing how we made over $500,000 running a Pay Per Call campaign with Google Ads - in JUST 2 MONTHS!

We will be revealing some of our internal secrets and showing our affiliates how they can succeed and follow in our footsteps. Join us and learn how Marketcall Media Buying team ran such a successful PPC campaign with Google Ads:


Top offers - December 2021

1. Health Insurance | Leads | US (Experience required) | Pre-approval
$45 for target call
$8.5 for approved lead

2. Medicare Bundle | Inbounds | 120 sec | US
up to $40 for target call

3. Flight booking Bundle (Delta, American, United) | Inbounds | 60 sec with IVR
$20 for target call

4. Flight Booking Bundle (All Airlines) | Inbounds | 60 sec without IVR
$14 per target call

5. Final expense (Inbounds and transfers)
$30-$40 per call
Our special end-of-year webinar is starting in a few hours👀

Join us today at 12 pm EST and find out how we made $500,000 in just 2 months!


We are reminding you that Marketcall has a quite unique payment cycle 😃

Every call has HOLD period, which is mentioned in the offer description for each offer. Hold period lasts usually 7-10 days and after the period is over the call will move to the "Approved" status automatically and will be available for withdrawal.

Affiliates will be able to make a withdrawal request. After a withdrawal request is made, it takes 1-3 days for the payment to be reflected in the affiliates account 🤗

Dear affiliates,

As the holidays are coming up, we would like to wish you a fantastic Christmas and a happy New Year 🎅

Also, we are informing you that our managers will not be available on December, 24th, 27th, 31st and on January, 7th.

Here you can find the list of offers that will be paused during the holidays.

See you in 2022! 🎄

Get ready for our new Legal offers :D

Mass Tort: Zantac | Inbounds & Onshore Transfers | 120 sec after IVR $140 per call

Mass Tort: Baby Formula | Inbounds & Onshore Transfers | 120 sec after IVR $200 per call

Mass Tort: Paraquat | Inbounds & Onshore Transfers | 120 sec after IVR $280 per call

Mass Tort: Zantac | Inbounds | 120 sec $560 per call

Mass Tort: RoundUp | Inbounds | 120 sec $1600 per call

We are sure that 2022 is going to be awesome😎 But in order to succeed and make more profit you need knowledge!

That is why we offer you to read our best guides from 2021:

⁃ Guide: Pay Per Call offers and traffic sources combination:
⁃ How to run Pay Per Call traffic with Google Ads:
⁃ How to run Pay Per Call traffic with Facebook:
⁃ How to run Medicare offers with Facebook traffic:

Get ready for our new offers :D

1. Student Loan Consolidation | Inbounds | 90 sec $13

2. MVA | Inbounds | CPA | US $270

3. Mass Tort: NEC Baby Formula | Inbounds |120 sec $304

5. Mass Tort: Paraquat | Inbounds | 120 sec $210

6. Credit Repair | Inbounds & Onshore Live Transfers | 90 sec | Experience required $18

Our best offers of the month are here 💯

1. Health Insurance (Obamacare) | Onshore Live Transfers | 95 sec

2. Tax Debt Relief | Inbounds | 90 sec
$80 (higher payouts available for high volume affiliates)

3. Flight booking (All Airlines) Bundle | Inbounds | Raw with IVR

4. Auto insurance | SMS | Inbounds | 125 sec after IVR

"There is no other network like MarketCall in Pay Per Call Industry, they pay on time, am working with them for the last 2 years, so far everything is so smooth! Good support and they have the best offers in the industry!" - writes the affiliate who reached $100,000 a year working with Marketcall👍

We strongly encourage our affiliates to leave their feedback about Marketcall, so we can make our affiliate network better. Enjoy reading the reviews and don't forget to leave your own!


We just came back from Lead Generation World☺️

We enjoyed networking and getting to know our affiliates! Can't wait to see you at the next conference🙌

This is the day we all waited for! ❤️

Marketcall is now officially TOP 1 Pay Per Call network according to Offervault's recent report⚡️

We thank all our affiliates and colleagues who worked with us for all these years! Now it's time for us to prove that we are TOP-1 by delivering best quality service and expanding our network. This year gives us more responsibility and we are surely ready to take it. We wish you great success working with us! Sign up ( and don't miss our new offers!

Read more here:

Your one and only,
Marketcall Team

Now as the holidays are over, we can take a closer look at the past year in the CPA industry and think about what awaits us in the new year. Therefore, ZorbasMedia has released the Zorbas Report (

Zorbas Report is a great material, where specialists from different fields of CPA summarize the results of 2021 for the affiliate industry and make forecasts for 2022.

The guys made it easy to navigate Zorbas Report (, dividing it into topic blocks.

Marketcall representatives also gave their comments on how 2021 was and what to expect in 2022

Read now: