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Marketcall takes part in World Traffic Awards😍

World Traffic Awards is an international prize for the outstanding reps of the digital industry. It will take part in Istanbul on September 28-29th.

The best affiliate networks will be announced there. And you're the ones deciding who will win! We are presented in several nominations!

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Marketcall's team offers FREE expert advice that actually moves the needle, advice that other experts make you pay for🤩

We have prepared internal guidance, tips and tricks that our team actually uses to produce 6-figure-profit months, and we are excited to share it with you. We discuss a range of verticals, from Flight Booking, Pest control, to even Sweepstakes. Click below to find more!

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Interesting news for those who work with Facebook Ads and use Reels

Meta is introducing a new way to schedule Facebook Reels with a new feature integrated into Meta Creator Studio. Accessible to anyone with a Facebook Page, Creator Studio makes it possible to schedule Reels in three simple steps.
Step One: Upload Video
The first step to scheduling Facebook Reels is to log into Creator Studio. Next, click “Create reel,” which prompts you to upload a video. The button’s label is deceptive because you’re not creating the content inside Creator Studio. You need to make the video ahead of time and put it on your desktop computer.
Step Two: Optimize Video
After uploading the video, you can optimize it for Facebook Reels in Creator Studio. If your video is already in a vertical aspect ratio and 60 seconds or less in duration, you can skip this step.
Step Three: Schedule Video As Facebook Reel
Lastly, add a caption to the Reel and schedule it to post. You’ll also have the option to publish it immediately. Alternatively, if you change your mind about publishing, you can save the Reel as a draft during this step. You can track the performance of all published Reels within Creator Studio.
We get a lot of questions about which verticals do we work with. Marketcall attracts high-quality Pay Per Call, CPL and CPA leads in a variety of verticals:

- Insurance
- Finance
- Real Estate
- Home Services
- Travel
- Rehab

If you have any other questions, contact your personal manager👍
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We are back with our webinars and we announce webinar that will help affiliate marketers to be introduced in the world of Pay Per Call! In this webinar we will talk about basics of pay per call affiliate marketing and answer all your questions on that topic😊

Webinar agenda:
- How Pay Per Call works and why it’s a great opportunity
- Pay Per Call offers and metrics
- Traffic sources
- Example of landing pages and ads
- Conversion tracking
- Agency accounts and cards for advertising

Join us on September 13th, 1 pm EST as always on our YouTube channel:
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We've been asked how long does it take to review appealed tickets?🧐

You can create appeal for the calls not more than 3 days old. Once the appeal is created the ticket will be answered within 3 working days. And within the next 7 working days the appeal will be either approved or refused based on the advertiser's review💪🏻 photo_2022-09-26 18.34.50.jpeg
Last week Marketcall team spoke at Traffic Summit conference in Turkey😍

Alexander Shkarupa made a presentation on the topic: “Successfull launch of Pay Per Call campaign on Facebook ads: Affordable Health Insurance case study”. We were very pleased to share our knowledge with the conference participants🤝
Check out our best verticals of October 2022😊

😊 Dental | Inbounds | 90 sec
Payout: 20 USD
GEO: Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey

😊Flight Booking Bundle (International Airlines) | Inbounds | RAW
Payout: 9 USD

😊Flight Booking Bundle (Mixed Airlines) | Inbounds | Dynamic | CA with VOIP Block
Payout: up to 13 USD
GEO: Canada

😊Final Expense | Inbounds | Experience Required | 120 sec | US
Payout: 35 USD

😊Pest Control | Inbounds | 90 sec post IVR
Payout: 20 USD
GEO: Nationwide
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Health Insurance season has started in the US! So it’s time to earn big with Marketcall on Obamacare/ACA offers!

Take part in the Webinar and get our main secrets and strategies from our experienced Head of Affiliate Alex Shkarupa and Senior Partnerships Manager Karly Beachler!

Webinar agenda:
- About the Obamacare/ACA niche and offer
- Facebook ads set up
- Examples of landing pages
- Dynamic call tracking and postbacks
- Youtube, Tiktok ads traffic
- Call center traffic

Join us on November 9th, 12 pm EST on our Youtube channel! photo_2022-11-08 00.39.38.jpeg
We are in Bangkok, because today is the first day of the Affiliate World Asia conference!

We are already communicating with the industry community, making new acquaintances and memorizing content from speakers who tell us the newest knowledge about the industry! photo_2022-11-30 15.28.19.jpeg
Facebook enables new ways to make money and faster payouts💥

Meta is rolling out new ways to make money on Facebook, along with an update that allows creators to get paid faster.
Meta is enabling Stars on all public Facebook content, including Reels, and running events throughout the month to encourage users to purchase Stars. Additionally, Meta is lowering the threshold creators need to meet to get their first payment.

Will you try these new features?🤔 photo_2022-12-21 00.10.10.jpeg
Google Ads makes it easy to switch to data-driven attribution👀

Google is making it easy to switch to data-driven attribution for Google Ads campaigns and letting advertisers see how it will impact campaigns before switching. Data-driven attribution is the most-used and default attribution for Google Ads campaigns. However, advertisers may be hesitant to change their preferred attribution model due to uncertainty about how it will affect performance.

In a blog post, Google advocates for switching to data-driven attribution, saying advertisers typically experience an increase in conversions compared to their current attribution model. To help more advertisers see similar performance gains, Google is bringing more transparency to how data-driven attribution will impact accounts. Let's see how this is gonna work👍
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