Ringba's Pay Per Call Masterclass - Course Curriculum


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Ringba's Pay Per Call Masterclass is the most comprehensive pay per call training course ever created. Best of all, the entire course is absolutely free.

Learn how to build a massive pay per call business in the performance marketing industry from scratch. More than $60 billion is spent on generating inbound sales calls every year. In Ringba's Pay Per Call Masterclass, you will find out how to immediately take advantage of the huge Pay Per Call market to build a successful business.

In this course, you will learn:
  • How Pay Per Call Works
  • How to Build, Execute and Scale Campaigns
  • How to Create Pay Per Call Buyer Networks
  • How to Develop Relationships with Pay Per Call Networks
  • How to Grow a Giant Pay Per Call Business
Not only will you discover exactly how Pay Per Call works, we're going to walk you step by step through building a lasting business in the space. By the time you're done with this program, you will have a better understanding of performance marketing than college graduates with marketing degrees.

Module 1: Introduction to Pay Per Call

Module 2: Getting Started with Pay Per Call

Module 3: Pay Per Call Copywriting and Advertising

Module 4: Starting Your Pay Per Call Business

Module 5: Scaling Your Pay Per Call Business