The Pay Per Call Report: August 13, 2021

This week's episode of Ringba's "Pay Per Call Report" for August 13, 2021 featuring market data and industry insights provided by OfferVault.

Top Pay Per Call Categories
Home Services absolutely dominated the top categories list this week, claiming first place by a long shot. Insurance overtook Legal for second place. Personal Insurance and Financial Services went head to head again this week. Personal Insurance came out on top in fourth and Financial Services claimed fifth place.
Top Pay Per Call Categories for August 13 2021.png

Top Pay Per Call Offers
Aragon Advertising shot to the top of our Top Offers list this week with its IRS Tax Debt relief campaign, claiming the number 1 spot. Live Calls Network came in second, but gave Aragon Advertising a run for its money. Addiction Marketing Specialists kept up with the top two leading offers holding third. Envyus Media and PALO went head to head with their vehicle related offers, but Envyus media claimed fourth and PALO placed fifth.
Top Pay Per Call Offers for August 13 2021.png

Top Pay Per Call Networks
HyperTarget Marketing took back first place this week, MarketCall climbed up to third but still trails behind the top two networks. Aragon Advertising claimed fourth position this week, and eLocal takes fifth place.

This week, all 3 of the top 5 top pay per call networks are all Ringba customers.

We’d like to thank our friends over at OfferVault for providing us with up to the minute market data and helping us analyze the latest changes in the pay per call industry.
Top Pay Per Call Networks for August 13 2021.png

Pay Per Call Trends
For more market insights, we turn to our industry expert Stephen Luthy, Director of Business Development for the Credit Pros.

Stephen, What are the metrics you look for when assessing the quality of publisher driven calls?

We know that a sale usually happens after 20 minutes, so we use Ringba to filter to calls that last over 20 minutes. We are interested in people that are actually speaking to us. We have a certain CPA that we need to back into, so we have two different models. The CPA that we're giving our partners is top of the line of where the top of line of CPA needs to be. We understand that with the CPA you have to show your worth to prove your worth, but we have a generous payout for that.

- Stephen Luthy, Director of Business Development​
For the full clip, skip to 2:15 in the video.

Pay Per Call Opportunities
Elite-Calls is seeking seasoned search publishers for their internal pay per call campaigns. Their verticals include: Inbound Calls for Medicare, Health Insurance, and Moving Inbounds. If you’re interested, please reach out to your Ringba representative or send an email to for further details.

Pay Per Call Careers
The Ringba team is rapidly expanding, and we are looking to hire Vue User Experience Developers and Senior .Net Engineers. If you’re interested in joining our innovative and client-oriented team, we’d love to hear from you! Send your email to along with your resume to learn more.
Thank you for watching this week’s episode of “The Pay Per Call Report” and a big thank you to our friends over at OfferVault for providing us with up to the minute market data and helping us analyze the top pay per call trends. Be sure to tune in every Friday afternoon and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay on top of changes in the industry. If you are a Ringba customer and would like to be featured on the show, please contact your representative for more information.