The Pay Per Call Report: April 23, 2021

This week's episode of Ringba's "Pay Per Call Report" for April 23, 2021 featuring market data and industry insights provided by OfferVault.

Top Categories
For the third week in a row, Home Services remains in the number one spot as they dominate the top categories. Legal trails behind in the second position with the gap between the first and second spot widen. Insurance falls behind legal again this week. While Personal Insurance remains in the third and fourth position, financial services follows closely behind as it continues to climb the top categories list.
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Top Offers
The Aragon Advertising IRS Tax Debt Relief campaign has overtaken the niche legal campaign for Trucking Accident Calls from NetFly for the number one spot this week. Addiction and Rehab related campaigns continue to dominate claiming 5 out of the top 20 offer positions.

Other campaigns making strides this week are the auto campaigns with 6 out of the top 20 offers being vehicle related. This vertical, as well as addiction/rehab related campaigns should be on every pay per caller’s radar of industries to investigate.

For direct links to the OfferVault campaigns, verticals, and more, check out the Ringba blog for the full details. A link will be available in the comments below.

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Top Networks
HyperTarget Marketing continues to dominate the top networks, as Lead Smart follows closely behind in the second position for this week.

Aragon Advertising remains in the third spot, trailing behind the leading two top networks. eLocal is steadily climbing the top networks list claiming the fourth position. OfferGlobe exploded on the top networks list, going from last place to claiming the fifth position, we’re excited to see where they’ll land next week as their upward trend is quite striking.

Again, We’d like to thank our friends over at OfferVault for providing us with up to the minute market data and helping us analyze the latest changes in the pay per call industry.

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Pay Per Call Trends
For more market insights, we turn to our industry expert, Justin Gacina, a pay per call industry super affiliate.

What are some strategies you use for campaigns on search, and what is the #1 thing you wish you knew before you started running google pay per call ads?

"As far as strategy google is really simple… give the searcher exactly what they’re looking for. If you want to stand out from your competitors, show them exactly what they want, be relevant from the search to the ad to the landing page. Be really relevant and tell them to call. The one thing I wish I knew…. The main thing, I guess this goes with any business but, is that it takes money to make money. ...You have to find out what works."
- Justin Gacina​

For the full clip, skip to 02:35 in the video.

Pay Per Call Opportunities
Rate Marketplace, an insurance and financial services consumer acquisition platform, is ramping up traffic for search, display and SMS and are looking for Auto Insurance buyers (with plans to diversify into Life Insurance, Home Insurance, Medicare and Under65 Health). If you are interested in working with Rate Marketplace, please reach out to your representative or for further details.

WeCall, a pay per call marketing network, is looking to buy Pest Control calls from qualified pay per call publishers. If you are interested in working with WeCall, please reach out to your representative or for further details.

Ringba Product Updates
The Ringba team released new functionality for generating credit card invoices and downloading credit card receipts. To view and download your invoices, go to Billing Settings in the main menu and scroll down to Transaction History. Find the month you want to download and click on the Export Invoice button.

To learn more about Ringba’s new invoicing functionality and to stay up to date with Ringba’s latest product updates, visit our changelog at:

News and Announcements
In industry news, Health Insurance Advertisers in the US will now be required to pass their Google Ads certification. If you are running pay per call campaigns for healthcare, this is something to ensure your clients and business are in compliance with. Advertisers can apply for the certification on May 3, 2021and have until June 2, 2021 to obtain their certification or otherwise risk their ads no longer being served on Google.

Thank you for watching this week’s episode of “The Pay Per Call Report” and a big thank you to our friends over at OfferVault for providing us with up to the minute market data and helping us analyze the top pay per call trends. Be sure to tune in every Friday afternoon and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay on top of changes in the industry. If you are a Ringba customer and would like to be featured on the show, please contact your representative for more information.
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