State of the Call Center Industry


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Learn about the Call Center Industry, discover industry trends and explore research studies.

Call Center Industry Outlook

Aircall - Customer Support Strategy, 2018

BIA Kelsey - Industry Watch: Call Commerce, 2016

Deloitte - Global Contact Center Survey, 2017

ICMI – International Customer Management Institute - The State of Intraday Workforce Management in Today's Contact Centers, 2018

IFC - International Finance Corporation - World Bank Group - Measuring Call Center Performance

JLL (NYSE:JLL) – US Contact Centers Outlook, 2017

JLL (NYSE:JLL) - US Contact Center Outlook, 2018

MetricNet - Call Abandonment Rates Study Articles/call-abandonment-rate.pdf

Site Selection Group - Call Center Location Trend Report, 2018

TalkDesk - Call Center KPI Benchmarks by Industry

Call Center Industry Issues

Ameyo - Call Center Manager Challenges, 2015

Ameyo - Essential WFM Capabilities for SMB, Large, and Omni-channel Contact Centers

Call Miner - 21 Call Center Leaders Reveal Biggest Concerns Keeping Call Center Managers Up At Night, 2018

Contact Center Pipeline - Agent Turnover Still No-1 Challenge for Contact Centers, 2017

Contact Center Pipeline - Power To The People, 2017

Flat World Solutions - Major Challenges for Call Center Industry

Jive - 10 Most Common Call Center Problems, 2017

Jive - 5 Problems Plaguing Modern Call Center Managers, 2018

ICMI – International Customer Management Institute - Seven Metrics to Watch for Call Center Success, 2011

NICE (NASDAQ:NICE) – Solving the Top 10 Challenges for SMB Contact Centers

NICE (NASDAQ:NICE) - Top 10 Challenges for SMB Contact Centers

QATC - Exploring Call Center Turnover Numbers, 2015
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