Seeking buyer for cable, internet, phone and Satellite TV calls

Hi All

I have been working in this space for many years (Based in the US). Unfortunately, due to COVID many of my direct call-center partnerships cannot handle the volume of calls I am capable of sending. All traffic is generated from search engines (owned and operated sites) and any bidding of keywords are 100% non-branded to comply with provider regulations.

I am seeking a partner to buy calls on a duration basis. The most important thing I am looking for is a partner who has a general offer (willing to accept any provider) where the IVR simply asks the customer to press 1 for the new service and 2 for existing service. I do have a few campaigns where I send provider based calls to (DISH as one example) that I am willing to discuss too, however the best campaigns are the ones that are generic in order to scale properly. If you are interested, please feel free to email me at

Thank you,
CO Affiliates