New To Pay Per Call Any free Advertising

So new to pay per call offers and was just accepted to run a Psychic tarot card offer and was wondering if anybody knows of a good offline place to advertise an offer like this say maybe a newspaper or magazine as i have seen ads like this in magazines for years so surely it works .Anyways if any old timers are out there and have advertised a pay per call offer offline in newspapers or magazines was just wondering if you could share your exsperiences with it as i am a bit burned out on online advertising for a while lol.


Staff member
You should take a look at local newspaper classifieds in smaller towns and cities that have a disproportionate amount of older people, or other demographic types that fit the campaign.

I would also suggest using actual "800" numbers for anything done in print to older people. They're going to have a higher trust level and convert better.