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About Mint Global:

Mint Global is a leading international marketing agency. We create value for our clients through lead generation, new customer acquisition, and increased brand recognition. We help companies succeed in taking market share in the following verticals; insurance, finance, automotive, social networking, retail, travel.

Having the right partner to showcase your company and create the best impression to potential new customers is vital. We give your product the introduction that it needs to be able to increase the chances of becoming a leader in your specific industry. Our multiple marketing channels will allow your current and prospective customers to navigate simply and effectively to your brand or product.

At Mint Global, we specialize in creating a customized experience for your business. We constantly learn from our data and make sure that your product has the exposure it needs at the best time to the right customer. Our targeted campaigns are tailored based on your goals and best chances of success and performance.

Our team of experienced marketing specialists, designers and developers always make sure to come up with the best strategy possible for your campaign. We provide unmatched support for both technical and non-technical issues.

If you are interested in taking the performance of your business to the next level Mint Global is definitely the company for you. We will create your path in order to increase performance and revenue.
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