Looking for Auto insurance Calls or Leads buyers


I am looking for Reliable Pay Per call Networks or Buyers that can buy Auto insurance calls or leads from me.We are generating 400-500 calls a day for Auto insurance with 100% quality.

Please reply here or email me at abbas@gvo.com.pk

John D

New member
Email me at Disla68@yahoo.com and or
Text, Click or Call 954 673-2253... Lmk when for a super quick call.

I have 18-22k calls per month... Auto Insurance Calls in every State.

Very best Live Auto Insurance calls...
Calls so great, you can test them free! No bull.
(Super high intent consumers looking for insurance)

Every week insurance agencies switch to our high performing
LIVE AUTO INSURANCE CALLS from the junk they buy... Why?
Because we have the best Live Auto Insurance calls on the market and the competition is not even close!

Anyone can boast about the quality of their Calls, but none put their money where their mouth is EXCEPT US.

Our live calls are so great and performance so unsurpassed,
we let agents try them absolutely free... No strings attached.

- No card info needed
- No personal information
- No contract
- No minimums
- No funding

Now how's that for confidence in one's product?

Here's how the free test works...
Simply let us know, what telephone number to send the live Auto insurance calls (live consumers looking to buy auto insurance) and we'll send some calls... That's it... Simple & straight-forward!

Our LIVE AUTO INSURANCE CALLS these are pure "Click-to-calls"... Not garbage warm transfers.
If you don't know the difference, let me know and I'll explain.


New to this live call thing?... We'll walk you through it.
Expert?...We'll beat your best CPA!

John Disla
954 673-2253
Text, Click or Call