List of Marketing Tools for Pay Per Call


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150+ Marketing tools for Pay Per Call success including analytics, creatives, seo, social media and more.

Call Tracking


Inbound Call Tracking and Analytics Platform for Marketers
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Design - Graphic Assets

Design - Icons

Design - Images

Design - Image Optimizers

Design - Logo Creators

Design - Typography



Outsourcing - Freelancers

Outsourcing - Marketplaces

Outsourcing - Designers

Outsourcing - Writers



Productivity - Automation

Project Management

SEO - Research

SEO - Crawling / Auditing

SEO - Keywords

SEO - Suites

SEO - Toolkits

Social Media


Websites - Domain Research

Websites - Domains and Hosting

Websites - Landing Page Builders

Websites - Website CMS

Websites - Website Templates
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Could you add to this list for support?

Rocketbots is a customer conversation platform that enables companies to scale their customer engagement without scaling their teams. The Rocketbots platform uses self-learning AI to help agents manage, respond to and automate conversations. Rocketbots unifies messaging apps in one place to create a holistic view of chats with powerful broadcast and survey functionality that enables companies to communicate at scale. With Rocketbots companies can reduce costs and scale quicker while engaging with the next generation of consumer.
The Rocketbots platform uses self-learning AI to help agents respond faster by suggesting replies and automating conversations.
Really! Are these many tools and platforms available for marketing trends? My friend is taking help from Google Adwords Campaign Management since a long time. Prominent data orientation done by the executives is result oriented. Their tricks of converting leads into sales are worth grabbing them at any rates.