I am newbie to PPCALL, I need Help in Getting myself into PPCALL

I am Sotikare Eniola, from Nigeria. A friend of mine introduce me to ppcall and give me some processing through which I can getting getting calls.

The guy exposed me to OFFERGLOBE and RINGBA he also teach me how I could use Google business for a landing page and also to Setting up an adword ads.

But these are my flop areas, after the teaching I tried myself putting everything into practice but I am having issue with Google adword.

I tried creating an adword account but immediately after input payment method the account got suspended (I tried this on three difference accounts and I am still getting same issues) and on the fourth account, the account is still under review for over a month now.

I contacted my friend and he said he is experiencing same suspended issue...

Please, PayPer callers expert I will like to know which other means I can take as newbie to PAY PER CALL because I have much enthusiasm to know it.