Hi...Looking for some1 who can teach me how to create Ringba Landing Page on WordPress...

Hi All,

I`m new to this world of PayPerCall. I have been hearing a lot about PPC but was always, I guess Speculative.

Before I joined I made sure I did my research on PPC... It was Adams Pay Per Call Masterclass that really opened my eyes, Loved the way he introduced the world of Call Cash Industry.

Thanks so much, Adam, Can't wait to learn more.

I need someone who can teach me how to set up Ringba Landing Page Templets on WordPress. I know in 1 of the Threads Adam have mentioned it can`t be uploaded through WordPress, but I'm sure there are ways it can be don... HOPING SOMEONE CAN HELP ME OUT HERE. :)


Hey Sam, hope all is well. Sorry my last response was so vague. I wasn’t sure if you found someone to help you with uploading the Ringba landing templates yet, or not? If you’re still looking for some help you can just reach out to me on this thread and I would be more than happy to help.

The best thing to do is use an offline HTML editor to make any changes you want and then upload them to whatever hosting provider you’re using.

Like I said, if you still need some guidance feel free to get in touch.


Johnny Y