Hello Pay per callers

Hey Guys,

My name is Gal,
I am from Israel.

New to Pay per call.
But in the online marketing space for some time now.
I am going through Adam's PPcall video guides.
Look's great so far.
Thank you, Adam,
for that fantastic content :]

Going to invest my time on home improvement/service offers,
Don't have experience in that niche, but I do have relationships with buyers in that space.

But, I do want to start out working with networks so that I could learn the game from inside
And also to be able to drive volume.

I am looking forward to sharing my journey after testing some offers.

I do have two questions,

1. Does anyone have any recommendations for a network that will go along with a newbie in PPcall?

2. Adam recommended setting up company website + FB page + Linkedin page and so on.
Should I start testing some offers then address those branding needs? Or there is a minimum branding need that I should have, even as a newbie?

Thank you for your time