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Event Promotion

Please make sure to post your events in the proper forum. Event posting in our Facebook, Linkedin, Skype, and other off-forum Ringba communities is prohibited without express permission from the Ringba Team.

Service Providers

Software service providers are not allowed to promote their products or services on this forum except for in the buying and selling sections of the site. The sale of Call Tracking products anywhere on the forums or through private messages is prohibited.

Pay Per Call Networks

You may not post generic recruiting posts or links to your network. Please post specific information about the offers you need, volumes, caps, payouts, and direct contact information like skype names and email addresses in the proper respective forum sections, or in your thread under the Pay Per Call networks section.

Articles and Blog Posts

You may post an article or blog post to the group with unique content that ads value once per article and at most once per week.

Data Sellers

You may bump your thread inside the buying and selling section once per month. Please do not copy and paste your posts and spam them in multiple Ringba groups. Find a way to add value to users by telling them ways to use your data.

Selling of Virtual Goods and Accounts

We do not allow the selling of accounts or virtual goods of any kind. Posting this content will result in immediate removal from the forum.
Not open for further replies.