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DOPPCALL is a PPC (Pay Per Call) network where we help both advertisers and publishers. With our network, businesses get more clients without spending extra, and publishers earn maximum commission. We’ve been doing this for 5 years now and our network is spread across 200+ countries. We have more than 500 advertisers and thousands of publishers in our network.

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We offer more than 200 offers for publishers across all verticals. Publishers get only the top paying and better performing offers from us to earn maximum commissions. We pay them on time with our lucrative payout offers. Each publisher gets to win with the network, and we have dedicated support teams for them. We know that the publishers are the heart of our network and their partnership helps us sustain and thrive with the business.

At DOPPCALL, we offer complete control over our call tracking solutions integrated in our system. Publishers have multiple distribution channels to promote services, products, and businesses from advertisers. Every call goes through a trackable, toll-free, unique number. Both the advertisers and publishers have access to the analytics alongside tracking and fraud prevention in real-time. Businesses and services get high ROI through personal engagement.

Our Pay Per Call Verticals:

Travel: Airline | Hotel etc

Mass Torts: Hernia Mesh | Zantac | Talcum Powder | Paraquat | NEC Baby Formula / Toxic Formula | Nursing Home Abuse | RoundUp | CPAP | 3M Ear | Elmiron | Paragard etc

Legal: Motor Vehicle Accident | Personal Injury | Wrongful Death | Social Security Disablity Insurance ( SSDI ) | Bankruptcy etc

Insurance: Health U65 | Medicare | Auto | Home | Life | Final Expense etc

Financial: Debt Settlement | Credit Repair | Mortgage / Reverse Mortgage | Tax Debt etc

Treatment: Rehab / Addiction | Mental Health

Home Services and Home Improvement: Plumbing | Water Damage | Fire Damage | Pest Control | Home Security | HVAC | Locksmith | Electrician | Solar | Roofing | TV & Internet etc

Traffic Sources:

Paid Ads (Google, Bing), SEO, Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat, Youtube), Display, Native, Email, TV, Radio, Real-time SMS and Call centers.

Payment Methods:

Payoneer, ACH and Wire Transfer.

Payment Schedule:

Weekly Net 5
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Auto, Finance, Home Services, Insurance, Legal, Medical, Other
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