Using Contact Forms and Emails on PPC Site ok?

Hey guys, how you all doing, this is Mike. I am trying a run at PPC starting with 'Home Services' in the Plumbing Industry. It was only recently after building my sites that I was made aware of Ringba offering Landing pages so I temporarily installed the Plumbing Lander on a sub-domain just to see how it is designed.

So it seems I have built my sites accordingly but what remains in question for me is having an email address and contact 'form' on the site. Since I was told in the PPC Training course and by the Network Manager that the only contact info which should be showing on a site is the Network's phone number, I am not understanding why the Ringba lander has an email address and especially that entire "Applying online for your free quotes' section under the header image, can anyone explain this to me please?

Also, it was just brought to my attention that "keep in mind that different verticals and different buyers can have VERY different requirements. Just because one buyer requires things to be a certain way, doesn't mean they all will". So my 2nd question now is what contact or CTA info should be included in a site to accommodate 'all' verticals and buyers?

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