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About Recovery Road Addiction Network:

Recovery Road is an addiction network dedicated to connecting individuals with caring professionals to guide them on their journey to addiction recovery. Every individual going through life with addiction needs support. We offer support by ensuring that each person who reaches out to us is contacted by a professional trained in addiction and recovery.
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Do not use Recovery Road Addiction Network. We prepaid them for leads. They delivered zero leads. We requested a refund, never got a refund. The owner claimed we had no recourse since the contract did not lay out a refund process. However, we received zero leads and the contract promised leads so they did not fulfill their end of the bargain. They took our money cashed the check and delivered nothing. We tried resolving with them directly, 45 days later still no money back. I would rather not share my company details publicly but if you would like I will share privately. PM me for details.
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