Hey Every one, I am new in PPcall

Well my name is Zeeshan, and i am new in this business. But somehow i have 2 years of experience in CPS (cost per sale) marketing with some populer cpa networks. Now i want to try Pay Per call business. So i have some questions about it.
  1. How can i find winning offers (I don't know which type of offers converting as well with Adwords or bing's traffic)
  2. I can promote Offers via Adwords and bing ads. so can you guide me in selection of keywords? which type of keywords should i use in my Pay per call campaign?
  3. Can you show me some high converting landers so i can get info which type of landing page can get conversions as well. PS: (i am looking for real landing page not just examples. If possible for you.)
  4. And please suggest me some cool networks.
  5. Tell me about call tracking system.
Hope experts can help me in good manners. Thanks buddy, Cheers,


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Hi Zeeshan!

Thank you for joining the forum. Great questions!

  1. According to all of the guests on the Pay Per Callers Show specialization is key and I tend to agree with them. Ask yourself: what industries do I thoroughly understand? Do I have experience in any part of those businesses? Picking a specific vertical will help you focus when learning and hopefully you will find all sorts of unique angles to promote campaigns. Anytime you know more about something than a competitor it gives you an edge.

  2. Adwords and Bing work great for Pay Per Call. What keywords you use depends a lot on the specific offer. If you're doing something like home services (plumbing, roofing, garage repair, locksmithing, etc) you will want to use city names and zip codes to hyper-target your keywords for the best results. There are huge lists of these floating around on the internet and free marketing tools available to mix and match keywords with prefixes and suffixes (ex: 'springfield roof repair' vs 'roof repair springfield'). A great way to start researching keywords is to first open a spreadsheet and start typing anything and everything that comes to mind when you personally think about someone who may need these services, then to add city, state, county, and zip codes on either side. The more permutations, the better.

  3. Outing other people's landing pages on marketing forums isn't cool, so please don't ever do that. However, all you need to do is start Googling your potential keywords on your desktop and mobile phone. It won't take long before you find some great example pages for endless inspiration. If they're being promoted on AdWords they're either testing or already making money. If you're not located in the geography where you'll be promoting the offer I suggest investing in a proxy service.

  4. I highly recommend all of the networks on https://www.paypercallnetworks.com, even the ones listed there that aren't Ringba customers. They're all great companies and you should have no issues working with them. Take the time to fill out that form or use the Top Pay Per Call Networks widget on the forum home page for instant introductions to account managers.

  5. Rule #1 of any type of affiliate marketing is 'track and verify'. You need your own call tracking platform to make sure you keep your partners honest, have recordings of your calls so you can learn, and most importantly the ability to work with multiple buyers and networks on the backend to manage your buyer capacity. The most complicated part about Pay Per Call is the human requirement of answering a live phone call -- this is also why Pay Per Call typically has higher margins than traditional CPA campaigns.
Hopefully these answers can help get you started. Good Luck!