Buying Roundup and Paraquat Timer Calls & CPA

Legal Calls is currently looking for high volume partners generating Paraquat and Roundup leads on CPA or on 120-sec timer.

-120-sec calls payout $140
-CPA $1,100 per signup
  • Direct exposure to Roundup from work or home use
  • Diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, in the last 20 years after exposure to Roundup
  • Exposure and diagnosis occurred in United States
  • No current legal representation

120-sec calls $210
CPA $800 for medication only (no diagnosis) per signup
or $1200 with a Parkinson's (PD) diagnosis per signup
  • Direct Exposure to Paraquat or Gramaxone
  • Client has a restricted use pesticide license is a certified pesticide applicator, or worked for a person who had a restricted use pesticide license.
  • Diagnosed with Parkinson's at age 50 or younger.
    • If no diagnosis, must suffer from one or more PD Motor Symptoms and be taking/have taken one of the PD meds:
      • Amantadine,
      • Apokyn (apmorphie hydrocholride injection),
      • Artane (trihexyphenidyl HCL),
      • Axilect (rasagiline),
      • Cogentin (benztropine),
      • Elepryl (selegiline),
      • KYNMOBI (Apomorphine hydrochloride),
      • Sinemet (levodopa),
      • Mirapex (pramipexole),
      • Neupro (Rotigotine Transdermal System),
      • Nourizanz (istradefylline),
      • Requip (ropinirole),
      • Xadago (safinamide),
      • Zelapar (Selegiline HCL orally disintegrating)
  • 8 days of lifetime exposure – the claimant actually came in contact with the Paraquat.
  • Must have had worked with Paraquat (Living next to a farm that sprayed Paraquat does not qualify)
  • Must have a pesticide license or worked for someone who had a license.

Contact me for more details:
Skype - live:grantmcme
email -
Phone - (360) 471-0270
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