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  1. MarketCall

    Buying Debt Settlement and Tax Debt Onshore Transfers

    Buying Onshore Transfers for Debt Settlement at 55$ 120sec and Tax Debt at 75$ 120sec. Also buying inbounds as well with slightly lower rates. Sign up at or contact on skype aa.shkarupa
  2. MarketCall

    Webinar "Snapchat Ads for Pay Per Call Offers"

    On this webinar Marketcall team shared tips on promoting Pay Per Call offers in Snapchat Ads. You will learn: What campaign type to choose How to set up targeting What type of creatives work better Best PPC offers to run in snapchat
  3. MarketCall

    Webinar "How to run Health Insurance Pay Per Call offers on Facebook ads"

    Marketcall team shared the case study on running health insurance offer with facebook ads and answered participants questions. In this webinar you will find: Types of Facebook ads flow for health insurance Which campaign type converts best for pay per call offer How to target right audience...
  4. MarketCall

    Hiring business development manager

    Responsibilities will include Generate new business opportunities to fuel Marketcall pipeline in the US through identification and proper qualification of business opportunities and qualified leads Outbound prospecting to companies via cold calls, emails, social and other direct response media...
  5. MarketCall

    Looking for debt settlement calls

    Looking for debt settlement calls. Inbounds and transfers. Direct publishers only. Write on skype aa.shkarupa or email
  6. MarketCall

    Do you generate Auto and Health Insurance calls?

    Hello, Pay per callers! We are looking for inbound Auto Insurance and Health Insurance calls. Payout is dynamic and depends on the region of the caller. For Auto Insurance the payout is up to 38$ per call. For Health Insurance payout is up to 50$ per call. PM us and get the table with states...
  7. MarketCall

    Looking for auto insurance inbound calls

    Hey, everyone. We are looking for auto insurance inbound calls. Payout is dynamic and depends if the caller is insured/uninsured and on the state. The maximum payout is 38$ right now. PM us for more info
  8. MarketCall Pay Per Call and LeadGen Affiliate Network is a Pay Per Call and LeadGen affiliate network built on powerful in-house tracking technology. It was founded in 2015 and works with offers from the USA and Europe. We take affiliates and publishers for calls and leads campaigns. Our Pay Per Call verticals include: Insurance...
  9. MarketCall

    Looking for Cable/Satellite TV & Internet calls

    Looking for Cable/Satellite TV & Internet calls. Spectrum, Directv, Dish, or non branded calls. Let me know your source of traffic and price
  10. MarketCall

    Need health insurance calls

    We are ready to buy big volumes of health insurance calls, nationwide campaign. Please write on skype aa.shkarupa for more details