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    Buying Hernia Mesh Mass Tort inbound calls - Make $ on the Weekends; Excellent Conversions!

    We are buying Hernia Mesh Mass Tort inbound calls - Make $ on the Weekends; Excellent Conversions! Do you have high-quality Hernia Mesh inbound calls? Please see the details below- *$90 / 30sec *7 Days / Week *Nationwide *We can take 200-500+ calls daily! Benefits of working with Live...
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    Partner with LCN on Rehab Calls. Constant buyers & payments.

    Do you have high-quality rehab calls? We are purchasing 30 seconds and 180-second calls. Competitive pay-outs and the ability to take high volume Constant buyers that have been tested and are good at maximizing your calls Revenue flow with no starts and stops Reliable weekly payments that are...
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    Buying Legal / Mass Tort / Boy Scouts of America Calls

    We are looking to buy Mass Torts / Boy Scouts of America Inbound calls at $250 /180sec. This campaign is performing well on Facebook and billable ratio 30%-40% Are you interested to run this campaign? Please message me on Skype at We are also buying - Hernia Mesh...
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    Buying Rehab/Airline/Bankruptcy/Foreclosure/SSDI/U65/Medicare/HerniaMesh/Zantac/Talc Inbound Calls

    We are buying Inbound Calls- -Bankruptcy -Foreclosure Defense -Rehab -Airline -Health U65 -Medicare -SSDI -Hernia Mesh -Zantac -Talcum Powder -Boy Scouts of America Please Skype me at for more details.
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    SLC Inbound Calls Needed. $21 Payout & Fast Payment Terms Available

    We’re currently seeking more call-volumes for SLC Inbound Calls. Fast payment terms available for high volume publishers. The campaign details are below. Payout: $21 GEO: United States (Excluded states are Georgia/ Illinois/ Washington) Days/Hours: Mon 9:30 Am -7 Pm, Tues 9 Am - 7 PM, Wed 9 Am...
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    Need Final Expense Inbound Calls / No Buffer; Uncapped

    We are looking to buy Final Expense Inbound calls. Take a look campaign details below- No buffer / Billed on connect (RAW calls) United States (nationwide) Uncapped after Test Inbound calls only; no outbound / no transfers Fast Payment Option Available For High Volume If you are interested...