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  1. Adam

    New To Pay Per Call Any free Advertising

    You should take a look at local newspaper classifieds in smaller towns and cities that have a disproportionate amount of older people, or other demographic types that fit the campaign. I would also suggest using actual "800" numbers for anything done in print to older people. They're going to...
  2. Adam

    Massive list of Pay Per Call Networks

    Hey Jummy, 100% of the companies on that list are working in the Pay Per Call space.
  3. Adam

    Pay Per Call Landing Pages- question download on wordpress directly

    Yes, you may use the materials however you'd like.
  4. Adam

    Pay Per Call Landing Pages- question download on wordpress directly

    Hi, The free landing page templates are not wordpress templates. They're static HTML templates. You will not be able to simply upload them and use them with wordpress.
  5. Adam

    Long-Time Pub Fighting My Way Back Into This

    Welcome to the forums. Affiliate marketing is always a struggle, but the fight is half the fun. ;)
  6. Adam

    Pay Per Callers Show - Eric Evans, CEO of HyperTarget Marketing

    Thanks for the feedback. We've received other similar requests for training and tutorials. Give us a week or two to see what we can come up with for you and the community.
  7. Adam

    Pay Per Callers Show - Eric Evans, CEO of HyperTarget Marketing

    Thanks Russell, really appreciate the feedback. Is there anything else you'd like to see? What other content would help you grow your business?
  8. Adam

    Hey Every one, I am new in PPcall

    Hi Zeeshan! Thank you for joining the forum. Great questions! According to all of the guests on the Pay Per Callers Show specialization is key and I tend to agree with them. Ask yourself: what industries do I thoroughly understand? Do I have experience in any part of those businesses? Picking...
  9. Adam

    Ended Leadscon Connect to Convert 2018 - October 3-5 2018

    Make sure to come to the party too! Click here to RSVP
  10. Adam

    Welcome to the forum! Basic ground rules.

    Thank you for joining the forum. We understand that your time is valuable and will do our best to foster an amazing environment where the Pay Per Call community can get together to learn and grow their business. Please do: Ask lots of questions Share your expertise with others Look for more...
  11. Adam

    Looking For Offers Accepting Spanish Callers

    Thanks for participating! We're working hard to improve and grow the community. I'd suggest joining the Skype chat from the link on the upper right of the home page. There are currently about 200 callers in there, I'm sure someone has your Spanish campaign.
  12. Adam

    Thanks for the info and resources

    Glad we could help! What other resources do you think would be a great addition to the forums? We're working hard to add much more.
  13. Adam

    List of Native Traffic Sources

    We see plenty of native traffic on Pay Per Call. Typically publishers use some kind of advertorial page similar to CPA campaigns that tells a story and hits on whatever value the offer is providing. Ringba is putting out a free configurable advertorial landing page set in the next week or two...
  14. Adam

    Marketing / Business Reading List

    Hi, I'm Adam Young, one of the founders of Ringba. Throughout my life reading has been a catalyst for my growth and success. I fell in love with reading at a very young age and attribute much of my personal and professional growth to seeking out knowledge in the form of books. Authors take an...