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    Looking for Buyers for Onshore Calls

    We have: Onshore Medicare Warm Transfers Onshore Medicare Supplement Warm Transfers Medicare Direct Mail Inbounds Medicare Search Inbounds Medicare Social Inbounds Medicare SMS Inbounds We are looking for new buyers in these campaigns. Reach out to discuss details. Email...
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    Buying Addiction Search Calls & Out of State Moving Calls

    Looking for Publishers: Addiction Calls from Search Out of State Moving Calls Weekly Payment Terms High Volume Campaigns Email: Skype: live:1c1ffc37ab1f1b54
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    Buying Home Warranty Inbounds

    Looking for Home Warranty Publishers. Call-Only Ads Click to Call Ads/LPs FB Ads ETC Weekly Payment Terms Invoca Tracking System Email: Skype: live:1c1ffc37ab1f1b54